Why do I need to enable geolocation?


In order to build a more secure environment for the Tappr App, geolocation must be turned on at all times. This is a requirement in order for Tappr to facilitate transactions as geolocation helps minimise the risk associated with each transaction and chargebacks.

Once you've downloaded the Tappr App you'll be prompted to enable GPS location services. Select OK for the Tappr application to activate. If you do not turn on location services, the application will not work.

How do I enable location on my Apple device?

On your iOS device, location services is a setting that is controlled within your device’s general settings, not within Tappr. Upon initial start up, you will be asked to enable location services.

If you cancelled this request and wish to turn it on, exit the Tappr app and go into Phone Settings > Privacy > Location Services and click on the Tappr application. From there change the location access from Never to While Using the App.


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