Can Tappr help my business?


Tappr suits a wide variety of businesses. Whether you're a nonprofit or involved in hospitality, Tappr offers an effective business tool that requires little staff training and is considered to be an all-in-one ecosystem for businesses looking to start, run and grow.

Can Tappr help my nonprofit?

Tappr is committed to enhancing and assisting not-for-profit organisations. Tappr works alongside charities and not-for-profit's to simplify the way payments and donations are accepted through the Tappr Card Reader and App.

Can Tappr help my hospitality/retail business?

Tappr is suitable for dine in, takeaway and mobile hospitality venues. Additionally, the same functions can be used in small to medium retail stores, pop up sale stores and warehouse/outlet retailers. Here is how Tappr can help your hospitality/retail business:

• Track your sales history
• Understand your busiest trading times and roster staff accordingly to ensure customer satisfaction
• Accept and track cash and card sales
• Advertise specials and deals to enhance the total profit made on slow trading days
• Understand your most popular products and ensure they are always readily available in busy trading periods

Can Tappr help my trade/recreational business?

For all trade and recreational services, Tappr is the ultimate payment system to ensure that your business runs efficiently everyday. Here is how Tappr can help your trade/recreational business:

• Don't put up with lengthy payment periods, receive payments on the spot in real time
• Accept cash and card payments through a wireless Tappr Card Reader
• Create customer profiles and track the consistency in your service with each customer
• Evaluate and reward returning customers to ensure customer retention
• Provide paperless SMS and email receipts with links to your social media accounts to grow business awareness
• Make payments effortless and stress free for consumers; no longer is it necessary for customers to carry cash, Tappr accepts all Australian scheme and debit cards.

Can Tappr be used for my event?

Tappr prides itself on ensuring Australian business merchants have a cost effective, modern and portable payment solution. To get the most out of your Tappr Card Reader at any event, you should:

• Ensure that your most popular items are categorised and easily accessible
• Understand how to make a quick payment
• Familiarise yourself with how to create customer profiles
• Create SMS and email receipts for your customers

Can Tappr help my fundraising event?

Yes, indeed! Here is how Tappr can help your next fundraising event:

• Facilitate cash and card payments instantly.
• Track the average price of donations through Tappr analytics to better understand all of your fundraising campaigns
• Create customer profiles and track returning donors
• Increase donation retention, by tracking and rewarding consistent contributors
• Analyse and understand the average demographic of repeat donors and tailor marketing strategies to reach those who do not regularly donate.
• Track the success of your marketing strategies and learn from those which provided you with the best outcome; highest attendance at events, largest reach, greatest amount of donations made and largest media reach. 
• Understand what drives consumer donations to enhance your donor loyalty

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