How do I accept card payments?


Tappr allows you to accept and track card and cash payments using your mobile device. Whether you're brick and mortar or a mobile business, Tappr makes running your business easy. Note: Some of these features are only available on iOS.

 Open the Tappr App.
 Make sure the Miura M010 Card Reader is connected to your device.
 On the main page of the Tappr App, you can process a custom price, add a note and add a photo (iOS only) to the item you're selling. Or if you've created items in your product library (iOS only), slide your finger from right to left once on the main page of the to view and add items (pictured below).



 To review any items you've added to the sale, tap on the quantity icon on the top right hand side of the price. On this screen you can add discounts and edit or delete an item (pictured below).




 Once you're happy with the sale, tap the price to bring up the payment method overlay. From there select Card Reader (iOS) or Mint Card Reader (Android) so you can tap, swipe or insert a card (pictured below).




 Now choose how you would like to send your customer the receipt. Choose from email, SMS, or print the receipt (iOS only) with your Bluetooth printer (pictured below).



For more information on how to accept card payments via the Tappr App, please watch the below video.


Completing A Transaction from Tappr on Vimeo.

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