How do I accept cash payments?


Keeping track of your sales is important. Whether the sale was by card or cash, you can keep track of all your payments using Tappr. When you log into your Tappr Dashboard, you'll be able to see all your sales broken down into payment types so you'll always be on top of your sales. Note: Some of these features are only available on iOS.

How do I accept cash payments via the Tappr app?

 Make sure that you have enabled cash payments (iOS only).
 Enter a custom amount by using the keypad where you can also add a note and take a photo (iOS only) of the item you are selling. Or if you've set up items previously you can access your product library by swiping from right to left. Once in your library, you can add items to your check out (iOS only). If you're ready to process a transaction, tap the amount located at the top of the app (pictured below).




 Once in the payment screen, tap on the Cash option (pictured below).




 Make sure the information fields are correctly completed. If the amount is correct tap Proceed to authenticate payment. Once the transaction has been authenticated and approved, the receipt page will appear. From this screen, input your customers preferred receipt delivery method and click New Sale to start a new transaction (pictured below).



For more information on how to accept cash via the Tappr App, please watch the below video.


Completing A Transaction from Tappr on Vimeo.

Is it possible to process transactions offline?

If you accept cash or other tender without an internet connection, the payments will be recorded in the app as an offline payment. When your Wi-fi or data service is restored, the payments will complete processing and will be recorded in both the activities section and the payments page of your Tappr Dashboard. Receipts associated with these payments will be sent to their recipient at this time.

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