How do I send and print receipts?


Make your business memorable and impress your customers with the way you offer receipts. For every successful transaction, you can send a text message, email or provide a printed receipt to your customers. Note: Some of these features are only available on iOS.

How can I send a receipt via the Tappr App?

 Process the transaction via cash or card.
 Once the transaction has been completed have the customer enter their phone number or email address.
 Then tap the arrow (>) on the right of Email Receipt or Phone Receipt then New Sale. If you have printing hardware, simply tap Print Receipt (iOS only) and then New Sale (pictured below).




A customer may not receive a text message receipt if one or more of the following has occurred: 

• The customers phone carrier has blocked the text message
• The customer has a restricted phone number

How can I resend a receipt via the Tappr App?

 Tap the three horizontal bars on the top left of the screen and then Transactions (pictured below).





 From there tap on the payment in question by scrolling or using the search field. You can search for transactions by Receipt Number or Price (pictured below).




 Once on the transaction page you will see the Payment Type, Receipt Number, Date, Items and Transaction Total. To resend the receipt simply press Resend Receipt (pictured below).



For more information on how to send and print receipts via the Tappr App, please watch the below video.


Completing A Transaction from Tappr on Vimeo.

How can I send a receipt via the Tappr Dashboard?

 On the Tappr Dashboard, navigate to Sales.
 From there click Transactions.
 Locate the specific transaction by filtering by date/payment type or searching by Receipt Number or Price.
 Once you have identified the transaction, simply click Resend Receipt, enter in the email you wish to send the receipt to and click Send.


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