How do I create an item category?


Customers are becoming smarter and expecting more from their buying experience. Customers are also busier than ever so making the buying process as simple and fast as possible can heavily impact customer retention. Items that you've created in Tappr can be categorised so you can find items promptly. You can add any item you create to a category and arrange your most popular categories for easy access in both the Tappr App and DashboardNote: This feature is currently only available on iOS.

How do I create a category via the Tappr App?

 Swipe your finger from right to left twice to bring up the category page (pictured below).



 Tap Edit (pictured below).



 Tap + in the top right corner of the page (pictured below).



 Then add an Image, Name, toggle Category is Active to  and tap Save (pictured below).


How do I create a category via the Tappr Dashboard?

 Go to Library > Categories > New Category.
 From there include the name of the category and click Save.


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