What activities are prohibited on Tappr?


Tappr is secure, compliant and safe and we want to keep it that way. As a result, it is prohibited to use Tappr for the following activities: 

• Any illegal activities
• Buyers of membership clubs
• Credit counselling 
• Direct marketing or subscription offerings
• Infomercial sales
• Inbound or outboard telemarketers
• Prepaid phone cards or phone services
• Rebate based businesses
• Up-sell merchants
• Bill payment services
• Betting or gambling
• Financial institutions offering manual or automated cash disbursements
• Prepaid cards, checks, or other financial merchandise
• Sales of money orders or foreign currency by non-financial entities
• Wire transfer money orders
• High-risk products or services, including telemarketers
• Service station merchants
• Automated fuel dispensers
• Adult entertainment oriented products
• Sales or firearms, firearm parts or services, ammunition or weapons designed to cause physical injury
• Internet mail order for cigarette or tobacco sales
• Drug paraphernalia
• Hate or harmful products
• Escort services
• Bankruptcy attorneys

For more information, please review the Tappr Seller Agreement.

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