How do disputes or chargebacks work?


A payment dispute or “chargeback” is when a customer contests a card payment with their issuing bank. Tappr works with the merchant and card-issuing bank to provide the information about the transaction to help resolve the issue. Any fees arising from a dispute or chargeback will be passed onto the merchant. Chargebacks are passed onto the merchant at a fee of $35 per chargeback.

Chargebacks don't happen very often, however if a customer disputes a card payment with their issuing bank, the chargeback process is initiated. Chargebacks sometimes happen because the cardholder doesn't remember the charge on their card statement or they find a fault with the products or services received. Bottom line is that chargebacks do happen and are not unique to Tappr. Typically the best way to resolve a dispute is to contact the cardholder directly. 

Once a customer disputes a payment, their bank contacts Tappr with the basic information. Tappr is obligated to hold the amount of the chargeback for the duration of the process or until rectified. 

When Tappr is alerted of a merchant's chargeback, our disputes and resolution team notifies the merchant immediately via email. Tappr works with the merchant and card issuer to resolve the dispute and represents the merchant throughout the process. Tappr does not add or charge for this assistance.

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