How do I process a refund?


As an approved Tappr merchant, you can process refunds directly from the Tappr App. You can restrict your employees from processing refunds if required. Note: All refunds must be processed within 60 days from the date of the transaction and will only be able to be refunded to the purchasing credit or debit card.

 In the Tappr App, tap on the three horizontal bars located at the top left hand side of the main page and navigate to Transactions (pictured below).



 From there you’ll be able to scroll and locate the transaction you would like to refund. You can also search for the transaction by Receipt Number or Price using the search field at the top of the page (pictured below).



 Tap on the payment you would like to refund and tap Issue Refund (pictured below).



 Select the amount to refund along with the reason (Change of goodsAccidental chargeCancelled order or Other), click Process Refund and then Card Reader (pictured below).




 Turn the phone to landscape mode and have the customer sign the screen to confirm the refund (pictured below).




 Lastly, have the customer present his card to complete the refund (pictured below).

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