How does the Tappr Card Reader work?


The Tappr Card Reader will redefine the way businesses sell their goods and will be available 2nd quarter of 2017. In the meantime, the Miura M010 Card Reader is ready for purchase (pictured below).

The Tappr Card Reader is the next generation of mPOS technology and isn't your typical chip and PIN device, the card reader has been engineered to accept tap and go payments alongside swipe and chip and PIN. The card reader also captures a host of other non-sensitive information about customers so businesses can gauge their customers spending habits and track new vs returning customer ratios without the need to create customer profiles in a database.

Charging the card reader has been made simple by negating the need for any mini-USB cables. We've developed an innovative power adaptor called Tappr pebble which rests under the card reader when docked and charges the card reader in a few hours. We've designed the card reader battery to last up to 7 days with average use.

The Tappr Card Reader has been built from the ground up with the latest high grade materials to ensure the card reader is durable as well as environmentally friendly. The Tappr Card Reader compliments the Tappr App to allow users to accept card payments.

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