How do I connect the Tappr Card Reader to the Tappr App?


Linking your Miura M010 Card Reader to the Tappr App is easy! Just make sure that your card reader is charged and that you know how to access your Bluetooth Settings on your mobile device.

 Turn on the Miura M010 Card Reader.
 Navigate to your Bluetooth Settings on your phone by going to Settings > Bluetooth.
 Hold down the Green Tick or the Bluetooth Button on the M010 for approximately 6 seconds. This should enable the Bluetooth. If enabled you'll see the Bluetooth indicator flash vigorously (pictured below).



  You'll see a Miura M010 pop up as a pair-able item. Select the Miura M010 as a device, which should then prompt you to Pair the device. Simply press the Green Tick on the M010 to confirm the connection (pictured below).



For more information on how to connect the card reader to your mobile device, please review the following tutorial:


Connecting Card Reader To Your Mobile Device from Tappr on Vimeo.

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