How do I add an item variant?


If your product differs in size, colour or SKU, you can create item variants. Unlike item modifiers, which are usually used for food (toppings, special requests etc.), variants will deduct from your inventory count. For example, if you own a clothing store you can use variants to allow customers to buy a certain shirt size (small, medium, large etc.). Note: This feature is currently only available on iOS.

How do I add an item variant in the Tappr App?

 Swipe from right to left once to bring up the item page (pictured below).



 Tap the Edit button in the top right corner (pictured below).




 Then tap on the item you wish to edit (pictured below).



 Once on the item page tap the blue arrow next to Price (pictured below).



 Add the Label and Price of the variant and click the < at the top left of the screen (pictured below).



  And then tap Save (pictured below).


For more information on how to add an item variant via the Tappr App, please watch the below video.


Adding An Item To Your Product Library from Tappr on Vimeo.

How do I add an item variant on the Tappr Dashboard?

 Go to the Tappr Dashboard.
 Click Library.
 Click Create Item or an existing item to edit.
 From there scroll down to Options and include the Variant NameSKU (optional) and Price. If you need to remove a Variant simply click the X.
 Then click Save and you're set. 


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